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    Claire & Dylan

    Sharing a bit about me and my family Part 1

    My boys lst time playing basketball and oh did he do fine!  He learned the rules, got the rythym and played some good ball!


    Reichert Pregnancy Shoot

    The Reichert's were also one of my wedding couples having a baby about the same time as my last couple and I photographed them on same day but they are still waiting for their bundle of joy!


    Schneider Pregnancy Shoot

    My beatiful couple I had the pleasure to document their wedding and now having their lst baby.  Newborn photos to follow which I will be doing Wednesday!  They are now proud parents of a beautiful bundle of joy a little girl!






    A special story of my grandfather Toni Eberling.

    I found this awesome site where photographers do workshops in old buildings with history! I would have loved to do this one. My Grandfather was from the old country Hungary and he worked side by side as a child with an old school tailor. He then worked in the Opera house in Hamburg making costumes. He came to America by boat with his family after the war. He then worked for the MGM Grand Studios and Warner Bros. making clothes and costumes for Natalie Wood, Elizabeth Taylor and many others. He retired from the Costume department at Disneyland as head Tailor. I am so proud to have him in our family. He was a gentle man.


    Anne-Michelle & Joseph Stoltz

    This was one wedding to remember.  The coolest people on earth!  They came from the big city for a little country and they rocked it.  It was a beautiful venue in Lucerne called the Precious Forest Mountain Retreat!  A very simple wedding with a keen sense of elegance.  They were blessed with a beautiful little boy that was adorable!  I used a song from their amazing DJ look him up at .  They do remixes to famous songs and although the song I chose wasnt a wedding classic it was such a cool rendition of Fleetwood Mac I just couldnt resist using it! Enjoy the show!!!

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